What Has PTLO Done For You Lately?

The TPAAK Parent Teacher Leadership Organization has been hard at work this year. The TPAAK PTLO’s main focus is supporting TPAAK  teachers, students, and staff and growing the TPAAK community spirit. PTLO has worked this year to give support to our teachers in classroom needs, professional development, and to show appreciation to them for all they do. Students have had access to important teaching materials, and school spirit items, and community fun nights.

None of this important work is possible without much needed funds which PTLO works hard to raise throughout the year in a variety of ways. Additionally none of this work is possible without much needed volunteers who make fund raising, teacher support, and school events happen. Please take notice of what a small group of parents has been able to accomplish this year. There are a number of ways to help PTLO and in turn all the teachers, staff, and students of our school. Imagine what the PTLO could do for our school if more parents got involved in PTLO and supporting TPAAK? The results could be staggering, but it’s can’t happen unless you get involved.

So now I ask, what have you done to support PTLO lately?

What has TPAAK PTLO done for you lately?

How to Use Shoparoo to Support TPAAK

Shoparoo is a free mobile app that turns grocery receipts into fundraising dollars for schools. Users shop normally and then simply take a picture of their receipt with Shoparoo. It is a hassle-free way to raise money.


Shoparoo is a free app available for through your smart phone’s app store. Simply install the app on your phone. When you sign up, please designate T.R. Paul Academy of Arts & Knowledge as the organization you are supporting. Once you’re signed up you can easily snap photos of receipts and upload them to earn points for TPAAK. The more points TPAAK earns the more money TPAAK will get.Screenshot_2015-10-02-14-03-40[1]

Receipts from supermarkets, supercenters, convenience stores, club stores, close-out stores, liquor stores, dollar stores, toy stores, pet supply stores, drug stores , beauty stores and health stores all earn points to support TPAAK. Even non-gorcery stores can earn money for TPAAK. Every non-grocery receipt uploaded to Shoparoo gets on entry into monthly sweepstakes drawings.



Shoparoo is an easy way to raise funds for TPAAK. It’s a great way to get grandparents, and other family members involved in fundraising too. If you have any question feel free to reach out to any TPAAK PTLO board member.

The Dragon’s Breath Chili Challenge is Back!

Fall is such a lovely time of year. This year we’ve decided to make it even more lovely. Lookout folks, we’ve moved the Dragon’s Breath Chili Challenge to the fall. There isn’t much in the world that go better together than chili and the fall. We’ve also added some football watching into the mix.

Besides moving the chili cook-off to fall we’ve also added a while new class of cooks to the fun. This year chili cooks will be divided into two categories. Our two categories are Master Chef and Weekend Warrior. What are Master Chefs and Weekend Warriors? Well, let me break it down for you.

Master Chef: Our Master Chef chili cooks will keep the Dragon’s Breath Chili Challenge tradition going strong and turn up the heat on the fun and competition and prepare their chili onsite prior to the judging.

Weekend Warrior: Chili cooks in the Weekend Warrior class will prepare their chili prior to the chili cook-off and bring the prepared chili to the event for judging.

You know we haven’t changed our allstar cast. We’re teaming up with Matador Mexican Grill and Pateros Creek Brewery to make the day awesome. We’re excited to see what amazing chili shows up and steals the show this year. Will it be your green or red chili?

For more information email Catherine Moss at ptlopresident@ptlo-tpaak.org 

Download a chili cook-off registration form to get yourself signed-up to participate here. 

Dragon's Breath Chili Challenge

August 2015 PTLO Meeting

August 2015 meeting

Welcome back to school TPAAK families! The TPAAK Parent Teacher Leadership Organization is looking forward to a great year. Our first meeting of the school year is this Thursday August 6, 2015 from 6:00-7:30. We hope to see you there as we are always working to support our school, staff, and  students and your voice matters.  Children are welcome at the meeting. If you have any questions reach out to any PTLO officer.

See you at the meeting!